Dear Patients,

After 35 years of practicing OB/GYN and 12 years of working with patients on weight loss I have decided to retire as of May 15, 2023.

I will be referring my OB/GYN patients to St. Joseph OB/GYN Associates at St. Joseph Hospital but patients are entitled to request records to any provider they wish to see. If you do not request a different provider than SJH OB/GYN providers your record will go there.

My office will be open for limited hours in the month of May if you prefer to pick up your records with a prior appointment.
I can only hope and pray that going forward you have the best of health and good fortune and obtain the best medical care when needed. I have every confidence in St. Joseph OB/GYN group as I have worked with them for many years. In fact my daughter just had my first grandchild with them and was very happy!

In closing I have very much enjoyed being your physician. It has been such a great privilege to have had these relationships with you (and your mothers, sisters, and daughters) and to be involved in such an intimate aspect of your lives. My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with you all.


Sylvia W. Horsley

OBGYN in Nashua, NH

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