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All programs are designed to suit individual lifestyles. There are five main programs we offer patients. callout-servicesThree of the programs include meal replacement shakes and bars that we provide on-site. Two of the programs are reduced calorie plans. All of our programs include regular body composition analyses, the option for an appetite suppressant prescription, and individual counseling and teaching. Here is a synopsis of our weight loss programs:

What we offer at the Center for Medical Weight Loss

Our medical practice offers each individual their own approach to weight loss. We focus on losing weight safely and efficiently. Most importantly, it is essential that our patients are given the tools to help them maintain their weight loss and prevent relapses as much as possible. This involves behavior modifications as a vital components of their visits, not only allowing for changes in their eating patterns and continuation of some physical exercise, but to sustain this over the rest of their lives. We recognize obesity as a chronic disease and have an open and accepting attitude, anticipating and encouraging patients to return with any relapse before s/he regains significant amounts of weight.

The weight loss programs we offer our patients are varied, but include low calorie diets with nutrient-rich meal replacements, American Diabetes Association approved diets, Ketogenic and many other diet plans personalized to the specific needs of the individual patient. The best diets are the ones that the patient can stay on. As physicians, we are able to pay close attention to chronic diseases affected by diet, specifically heart disease and diabetes. Being a medical practice as opposed to a retail diet center, we also have additional adjuvant therapies, both prescription and non-prescription, we utilize to maximize patient success.

“Individualized care makes all the difference.”

Throughout our program, we emphasize to our patients that primary care is the responsibility of the physicians with whom our patients have continuing relationships. We re-emphasize this point at our weekly visits should any medical issues arise. We will be available to consult with you on issues related to obesity and the maintenance of weight loss. 

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